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As an artist, I find stirring of the emotions a gift.  I attempt to do this through expressions on canvas, statues, moldings, jewelry and in writing.  Through these expressions I try to include the viewer or reader as a partner.

In its many forms, art is a bridge for the reader, listener or viewer to meet.

In the static viewed arts excellence in the use of the art elements such as rhythm, balance, variation, repetition and contrast are essential in creating the beauty of the art.  Read more>

Art Collections

footer-jewelryPAINTINGS – Series by artist Ed Bowen, member of five man army combat artist team 8, Vietnam 1969. On Tour, Post War

footer-jewelrySCULPTURES – Series by artist Ed Bowen, member of five man army combat artist team 8, Vietnam 1969. Read more>

footer-jewelryJEWELRY –  Ed Bowen Jewelry designs inspirational rings, key rings, pendants and necklaces Read more>

Drawing Fire: The Book

Drawing Fire The Book

A Vietnam Vet’s story of God’s divine providence and protection. When Ed Bowen stepped over the border from Canada to America, little did he know the far reaching ramifications this would have for his life. He was drafted into the Vietnam War with an assignment as a door gunner for air combat, normally a sure ticket to an early death. Read more >