About Ed Bowen

As an artist, I find stirring of the emotions a gift.  I attempt to do this through expressions on canvas, statues, moldings, jewelry and in writing.  Through these expressions I try to include the viewer or reader as a partner.

In its many forms, art is a bridge for the reader, listener or viewer to meet.

In the static viewed arts excellence in the use of the art elements such as rhythm, balance, variation, repetition and contrast are essential in creating the beauty of the art.

God has given humans the mental capacity to desire and recognize the excellent use of these elements.  If any one of the elements is left out of the creative process the piece will lack in beauty.

In my art process I attempt to make good use of the art elements in order to create beauty.

Exodus 31: 3-4 speaks of artistic skills given to God-appointed artists.  The passage declares, “I have filled them with the Spirit of God, with skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts to make artistic designs…”

I look to this scripture to spark my awareness that the creative elements in art are given by God as a gift to man.

The History of Ed Bowen Jewelry

Ed Bowen’s lifelong interest in art took on a new perspective when, in 1960, he turned his life over to the Lord Jesus Christ.

With hard work, Bowen’s artistic skills developed, and soon his artwork began to reflect his new Christian life.

Bowen studied art at the University of Southern California where he received three major art awards.  As a sophomore, he won the “Steinman Award” for Outstanding Painting Student and as a junior and senior, he won the “Francis De Erdely Award”  for Most Outstanding Painting and Drawing Student. It was at USC that Bowen later received his Master’s Degree in Fine Arts.

Bowen also received two statewide California art show awards: second place in painting at the 1965 San Bernardino Orange Show, with his work entitled “Bus Street”, and earned first prize (the First Purchase Award), of the 1971 Laguna Beach Art Association Show with his painting “The Rapture.”

In 1969 Bowen served as a combat artist in Vietnam, completing over 100 drawings and 20 paintings. His work is now part of the Army War Art collection.

From 1971-1981, he taught art at the high school level. As an art and jewelry teacher, Bowen began to design jewelry for a local Christian bookstore. The demand for quality handcrafted jewelry became apparent. With more equipment and talented craftsmen, the business developed further.

At present, Ed Bowen Jewelry is expanding at a steady pace in order to bring his artistic efforts to many customers across the country.