Drawing Fire the BookDrawing Fire

One Vietnam Vet’s story of God’s divine providence and protection.

When Ed Bowen stepped over the border from Canada to America, little did he know the far reaching ramifications this would have for his life. He was drafted into the Vietnam War with an assignment as a door gunner for air combat, normally a sure ticket to an early death.

Through an unexplainable chain of events, obviously directed by the hand of God, Ed went from the horror of Vietnam to become a combat artist, well protected from the death and destruction that should have been his.

Laugh, cry and rejoice in God’s remarkable intervention, while receiving encouragement for your own life that “In all things – God for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”


Drawing Fire: The Book – $9.95





Where Have All The Children Gone?


Where Have All The Children Gone – $2.50